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The Big Fat Tutorial The Big Fat Tutorial

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I learned something new today!

I found it amazing how beautiful a background could be with a few vectored images tweened together. Graphic appeal and a fraction of the file size.

Graphics: 8

Although the camera panning was about the only thing new to me, I ACTUALLY understood it, ever thought of being a teacher? I thought I'd get bored but I was intertained throughout.

Style: 8

Sound was great although annoying after awhile but you saved yourself by having a nice selection to cycle.

Sound: 7

Except for the plane crash I don't think there was any violence

Violence: 4

Thanks for the actionscript

Interactivity: 10

Love those fairies!

Humor: 6

Helbereth responds:

Yeah the whole fraction of the file size thing ought to be helpful. I', surprised more people don't do so for their movies seeing as how it's so versatile, and yet so simple.

Yes for about a month I entertained the idea of being a teacher. It's something I might pursue later in life, but I'll have to get over my innate distaste for adolescent attitudes before that happens.

Yeah I wanted the music kept to a video game remix theme, so I figured having a fair number of them would save me from getting too many bad sound reviews. Besides, I had already made a number of the loops a while back (the Shadowrun and great faerie themes are the only loops I constructed specifically for this tutorial).

The plane crash was just fun to make. It's a sight gag meant to draw a laugh in the middle of boring exposition. If you look close at the burning wreck, the scene is a bit more gory than you might believe when you first look (it's possible to pause it during the credits to zoom in).

I barely grasp the basic concepts of action script. It'll be slow going for me in that department mostly because I have this tendency toward disorder - a bad trait to have when doing any programming.

Yeah the Faerie Mafia were another sight gag that I added to keep people's attention span in check. Originally I was going to have camera shakes, but after trying it a few times with no real success I just made the text bounce around. BTW the fact that I used red green and blue for the faerie colors is not just because they're the primary colors of light. I may be putting Link to work at some point...

Anyway, thanks for the itemized review!

Swedish Saveloy Swedish Saveloy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Should be number 1 not second place.

I liked it more than Zipper Fish's Troy's Top 10 Nip-Slips. This took alot more effort and I found no bugs, just people that get stuck.

It had more than random celeb pictures and a funny animated character... like the last good movie from them.

Beeku's Big Adventure Ch1 Beeku's Big Adventure Ch1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Alot like Earthworm Jim for Saga Gen Console

I liked it alot and the backgrounds and game play reminded me of one of my fav Saga Gen console games, Earthworm Jim. Ah, memories. Alien Hominid also seems to have the same or similar gameplay although this game currently features a very cute sidekick of a great series. Its nice to see a spinoff.

Sir Chair's Maze Sir Chair's Maze

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Simple Yet Addictive!

I'm seeing alot of positive feedback because the structure of the game is intertaining and challenging. Sure, graphics could be better although your always going to get that even if it was 3d.

The point is the idea is orginal and not some open source taken from Flashkit like one reviewer commented earlier, I know this for a fact because C-tall is one of my best friends and I was one of his Beta testers. This game has come along way since then though.

I suggest everyone check out C-tall's website featuring more of the Clippyland series.


Punk-o-matic Punk-o-matic

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very Original, can't wait for part 2!

there is going to be a part two right? This was preety sweet and I'm surprised nobody else thought of this by now.

The best part of this game was how easy and fun it is.

Shannon Elizabeth DressUp Shannon Elizabeth DressUp

Rated 1 / 5 stars

I think my last review was deleted?

I added a few extra points because I missed a point on the humor for the horn thing for your last dressup.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars


First its repeatitive and lacks deeply in graphic style. The game is also stolen although I've I post the link to the site here I would be posting an abusive review. The sound almost put me to sleep and basically it was to easy to get to each level. The instructions button doesn't work. If you like simple shooters this is one of them, I don't know how it made it past judgement but here it is. With a score of 1.70/5.00 your better off playing one of NG's good shooter games. After all it doesn't take much to rip stuff out of a FLA tut now does it? it doesn't. I think that says it all.


TomLojko responds:

i diddnt "rip" the game off of a flash tutorial.

Invaders 2002 Invaders 2002

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Had alot of fun playing this one!

Now I know what Tom was talking about when he decided to put this whistle blowing/review flaging system in. He was talking about how great games and movies are created by people like Jason Cirillo and they leave NG because mean people post abusive reviews and usually those abusive users wouldn't know how to make something that makes it through judgement let alone reach par to this. Thank goodness the spaming has gone down as of late.

Great good on this!

Merail 1: Origins Merail 1: Origins

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Original, can't wait for part 2!

Wow, that was awsome and I'm not just giving you a good review because my name is credited in the audio. I thought each character was developed and the whole thing was orginal. It was very interactivity and stylish for part 1 and I suggest you give this a try.

BTW: Please check my profile for great audio and sound loops.

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GreenPhat responds:

Thanks for the review man and thanks for the great audio.

Kookin' Kidz Kookin' Kidz

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

My best score was 8 kids dropped into the pot.

It was pretty fun but I think the meter shouldn't go so fast or atleast add a bit more time for every kid dropped into the pot. How about an opening cinamatic and level rounds when you get to a certain score?

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