New Billing System Upgrades & NG 50% off Discount

2008-02-03 12:42:10 by Kayol

New Billing System Upgrades

We have completed the installation and intergration of a new billing system to fully automate our billing needs. WHMCS has replaced our old automatic billing software of WHMautopilot. We have removed alot of our website bloat and made managing orders much easier for both us, and our clients!

Some major changes are as follows:

* More types of payment like mail-in-payments, (ie: cash, check, money order)

* Clients can manage almost every asspect of they're account and billing on-the-fly!

* Better Ticket Support

* More Service Options and addons

* 2 Free website building tools

* A real Knowledgebase

* and much much more!

We would like to thank for they're services with intergration of our current layout into our new system.

NG Disount

We would also like to offer an exclusive 50% off discount to members of, on all web hosting orders placed through using the promo code: ng

This discount is a one time discount with no expiration date.


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2008-02-03 12:58:22

I may take that I may... It would do me some good me thinks.. one day :P

Kayol responds:

The exclusive 50% off discount to members of can be used at anytime. Maybe someone else you know maybe interested and we have a great affiliate program aswell.


2008-04-09 16:01:21

You better post in the general forums to get some visitors to this page. Therefore, you will get a higher chance for this.

Kayol responds:

I know this response is very late but thank you for the advice.