Flash Cabinet - Free Online Flash Arcade Games

2010-10-22 17:15:56 by Kayol

Hey Newgrounds,

Haven't been around in forever due to the countless projects and numerous hours of programming. We are still working with Flash but have focused on development for mobile devices along with web hosting & design.

As you probably already know, Newgrounds is the internet's largest Flash Portal. We have always been fascinated by what Tom Fulp has accomplished and have recently launched an Online Arcade Website to house our sponsors flash games as well as our own exclusive works.

Details as follows:

Website Name: Flash Cabinet - Free Online Flash Arcade Games
Website URL: http://flashcabinet.com
Total Games: 2847
Overall Played: 5017
Played Today: 126

Description: Recently launched a New Online Arcade Website with Thousands of Games on 10-oct-2010, the template code had to be tweaked a bit and as of now all features seem to be completely functioning.

Games were removed that did not work and exclusive ones like my best friend's, "Never Ending Level Game" were added. A favicon was added to display a custom bookmark icon.

Its completely to free to play so check it out!

Flash Cabinet - Free Online Flash Arcade Games


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