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Shared Linux Managed plans w/ cPanel and Fantasico & domains for $15 per/yr

2007-09-16 17:28:04 by Kayol

Visit our site for more information: www.hostdemon.net

HostDemon specializes in helping customers build a successful online presence with an array of services that expose the web design community that are just beginning to understand the market for mobile device compatible websites. In the future more and more websites will be easily browsable by devices like your children's portable game system or Mp3 player. We also offer all the services you would expect from an affordable web hosting provider including, domain registration, hosting plans, and custom web design with instant weekly backups of your content.

Shared Managed Plans w/ cPanel and Fantastico DeLuxe & Domains starting at $15.00 per/yr.

Greed Plan
Disk Space 500 MB
Bandwidth 2 GB
Monthly Price $5.00 US
Order Now

Lust Plan
Disk Space 1000 MB
Bandwidth 5 GB
Monthly Price $7.00 US
Order Now

Envy Plan
Disk Space 2000 MB
Bandwidth 10 GB
Monthly Price $10.00 US
Order Now

All accounts come with Unlimited POP3 accounts, FTP users, MYSQL, Addon Domains etc
* 30 Day Money Back
* 99% uptime guarantee
* 24/7 Customer Support

Features & Notes
* Credit card & Paypal & Mail-in-Payments are accepted
* Wireless Device Compatible
* no contracts or setup fees

* Our datacenter is located in Houston, Texas and is staffed 24/7/365. There are multiple OC48 SONET fiber rings that provide basic connectivity to eight access carriers. The datacenter is completely redundant, including a 2200 gallon backup diesel generator. There are over 580 smoke detectors throughout the 35,000 square foot facility, with a VESDA contaminate system.

Our Offices originated from Canada and spans throughout the USA and UK.

Visit our site for more infomation: www.hostdemon.net

Shared Linux Managed plans w/ cPanel and Fantasico & domains for $15 per/yr


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2007-11-14 17:59:45

Ah, and we must all grow up.

Glad to see you're still around even though it's for advertising. I do have to say those are some awesome offers you have. Who knows, I'll get my friend to check it out so he can put some of his old stuff back on there.

Liked the devil logo, did you draw it?

Kayol responds:

Thanks, I drop by NG now and then. The devil logo was drawn by myself, alot of the concepts & graphics come from scrapped projects I was working on. BTW I just added a promo code: xmas

That will get you 30% off your first month of any plan and happy holidays!