Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2007 & SharePoint 3.0

2009-01-17 16:18:49 by Kayol

Introducing, HostDemon enterprise-grade Microsoft Exchange 2007 hosting with Blackberry & Windows Mobile wireless email, SharePoint hosting and a full range of archiving and compliance tools. Hosted Exchange service provides our customers with the following important business email and collaboration tools.

Our Microsoft Exchange 2007 provides enterprise-level communicating without the expensive overhead costs of hardware, infrastructure, and personnel or even a dedicated IT department to maintain it. Our technical support team will handle implementation so your company can have your email up and running within minutes of signing up.

Once setup, your team can access their important data and communicate from any Internet connection or on their mobile device (i.e. - Smartphone, BlackBerry, iPhone). Safety measures are taken such as "remote device wipe" for lost or stolen mobile devices. All emails and information to our Exchange Servers are encrypted ensuring your information's security on both your desktop and mobile device is kept from prying eyes.

SharePoint is an internal Web site portal to optimize your organization's workflow and collaboration needs. Making Customizable SharePoint portals work for your organization is a synch with multiple built in Web tools that can be easily toggled on and/or off.

Designed to eliminate inefficiencies such as emailing documents back and forth and trying to track changes, SharePoint provides the following:

*Coordination of projects, calendars, and schedules
*Arena to discuss ideas and review documents or proposals
*Common area to share company news
*Managing contacts, tasks, and etc

By integrating with hosted Exchange 2007, SharePoint 3.0 gives our customers an instant, powerful company intranet. You can:

* Store documents online. Everyone works off a single, centrally-stored version of all documents, which can be easily opened using a hyperlink.
* 'Check out' files. Locks documents while they are being edited, so nobody overwrites the work of others.
* Run blogs and wikis. So the entire company can stay in the loop.
* Use single sign-on. Our customers can instantly log in to SharePoint using the same usernames and passwords as their Exchange mailbox.

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